Utvecklingsform 2019

Sida organised the Development Forum earlier this month, with equality and gender rights high on the agenda. Take part in the highlights of the forum trough the following link: https://www.sida.se/Svenska/aktuellt-och-press/pa-gang/Avslutade-konferenser/utvecklingsforum-2019/

Our chairman Edme Dominguez took part in the discussion organised by Kvinna till Kvinna titled ”Financing for Gender Equality – how can international financial institutions be an ally in strengthening women’s rights?”. The talk brought up that more organisations today are working with gendered issues, however that greater financial literacy within grass root organisations are needed to create further change.

”The key is to bridge the gap between international financial institutions and the civil society organizations.” – Edmé Dominque

The discussion was based on a report by Kvinna till Kvinna on how International Financial Institutions interact with gender equality and civic space and how do they contribute to gender equality. You can find the report here: https://kvinnatillkvinna.org/2019/10/01/maintaining-a-role-for-womens-organizations-in-international-development-finance/

Backlash 2: International Feminist Conference

GADIP is inviting you to a a conference providing different thematic and geographic perspectives on the phenomenon of backlash against gendered rights. The conference will conclude with a discussion on possible future strategies.

The conference is free and open to all. Please sign up trough the following link: https://sv-se.invajo.com/event/gadip/backlashf%C3%B6rkvinnor2?fbclid=IwAR1lDz1_Gl37e0JIDr624Qyyw01k_Td2yWghMvwIuxoWoA5YP0H_aOZUpEY

Farväl välkommen hem av Marina Andersson

Marina är kristen Assyrier/Syrian från Turkiet och kom till Göteborg sommaren 1985. Hon vet vad det innebär att bryta upp och byta land, att skiljas ifrån sin familj och sin mormor som blev kvar därför att myndigheter i Europa inte räknade henne tillhöra kärnfamiljen. Marina har skrivit boken ”Farväl! Välkommen hem. Hon berättar om sin livsresa, om förluster men också om vinster, hur hon med bara fem års skolbakgrund från sitt hemland började läsa till sjuksköterska, hur hon integrerade sig i svenska samhället och inbjuder till samtal.

CANCELLED! Please note this lecture has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lecture 20 May 15.00: 70 years of Palestinian women´s activism-where to?

Welcome to the open lecture on the Palestinian women`s movement. The lecture will provide a historical overview of the Palestinian women`s movement and its transformations from the 1930 and onwards. The lecture will also deal with the emerging of feminist NGOs and an increase of political space.

The lecture is given by professor Islah Jad, from Birzeit University, Palestine who is one of the most prominent figures in gender studies and Palestine.

The lecture will be located at Annedalseminariet in room 204 at the School of Global Studies, Seminariegatan 1A.

The lecture is open for all and free of charge.

See the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2307472436202466/

Follow this link to sign up: https://bit.ly/2Dlx9AS

Lecture 13 May 18.00: Brazil – A Backlash for Womens Rights?

Welcome to the open lecture on Brazil: a backlash regarding social rights and particularly women’s rights?

Brazil, one of the most progressive countries since the beginning of the 21st century is going through dramatic changes with the newly elected government of extreme right. What is happening to human rights and specifically to women’s rights?

The lecture is given by Dr. Cristina Wolff, professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, specialised in History, Gender and Social Movements.

The lecture is located in Lecture hall 220, Annedalseminarium, Seminariegatan 2, Campus Linné, Gothenburg.

See the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/277420579878840/

The lecture is in English with possibility of translation to Spanish.