Events & seminars

2007: The first GADIP meeting between academics and advocates was held.

2008: GADIP organized two events in Gothenburg. The theme of the first workshop was Gender and Globalisation and keynote speakers talked about challenges to gender equality in relation to religious revitalisation, sustainable development, HIV prevention, human rights, and gender violence. During GADIP’s evaluation meeting, the practitioners and scholars exchanged experiences and contributed democratically to the development of GADIP. The theme of the second workshop was Gender and Sexuality in Theory and Practice.

2009: A GADIP workshop on Masculinities in a Global Perspective and a joint workshop with GADNET on the theme Gendered Resistance at Times of Economic Crisis. The workshop speakers were internationally renowned researchers, policy makers and activists. Both events were very successful with more than 50 participants from both civil society and academia.

2014: GADIP organized an international conference on Gendered consequences of the Economic Crisis in Europe.

2015: GADIP organized Beijing +20, an update on the consequences of the Beijing conference of 1995.

2016: GADIP organized an International conference on gendered conditions for refugees during and after refuge. Gender, Refugees and Security.  October 21-22, 2016. Gothemburg, Sweden

The two most recent conferences were funded by GIG (The Gothenburg University network for gender research) and by Gothenburg municipality and resulted in detailed reports.

GADIP also organizes workshops, open seminars and film screening on gender issues from a global perspective.